Voňavá spolupráce s Aromapura

Po dobu nouzového stavu je kavárna bohužel uzavřena. Po opětovném otevření se můžete těšit na novinky, které si ve stylové kavárně budete moci prohlédnout a vyzkoušet

Aesthetically, the design’s contoured form and warm materials bring Norm Architects’ signature, human-centered minimalism to residential and hospitality applications.

Distinguished by a wide veneer back

The design’s versatility is the result of a thoughtful construction and a wide array of materials: with numerous veneer finishes and upholstery options to choose from, the Co Chair is easy to customize to create the desired expression and experience.

Distinguished by a wide veneer back, the chair’s proportions allow freedom of movement and provide maximum comfort. Comfort also led the design of the backrest, which is positioned and angled for exceptional support.